Welcome to the University of Calabar alumni community

The University of Calabar Alumni is home to over a 1.5million UniCal alumni universally. Membership is based on completion of any academic programme, and honoris causa of the University of Calabar.

This alumni platform offers several prospects for networking opportunities, professional development resources, programmes, volunteer/mentoring opportunities, departmental/community trips, and more. If you need to expand your UniCal networks, connect with classmates, mentor the UniCal community (students/staff), engage in continuous learning and contribute to the sustainable development of your alma mater while we keep you informed with UniCal news, the alumni relations team is here for you.

where ever you are, the University of Calabar alumni community cares.


To be the centre of excellence mobilizing financial and material resources, towards the sustenance of the University of Calabar for the delivery of quality education, research and learning


To build sustainable global and Alumni partnerships for resource mobilization towards the delivery of quality education, learning, and development services in a supportive environment.

Strategic Objectives


Engage, prioritize and respond to needs

Endowment fund

Establish the right structures and roles for effective resource mobilization

Resource mobilization

Forge and sustain collaborative partnerships

Collaborative Partnerships:

Donors, alumni, companies, and other stakeholders

Monitoring and evaluation

Result based measurement of progress and outcomes

Strengthen Thought Leadership