Trust and endowment fund

The University of Calabar Trust and Endowment Fund LTD/GTE is a private company limited by guarantee with company registration number 1904027. This legal status was facilitated by the University Management, and approved by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission on the 11th day of March 2022.

List of programme interventions

Code Title Purpose
001 Infrastructure Improve the status of infrastructure to facilitate better service delivery and educational outcomes.
002 Furniture To create a dynamic learning environment through improvement in the ergonomics of the classrooms and other facilities
003 Equipment Increase lecturers and students access to quality equipment for practical learning and adequate preparation for the world of work
004 Transportation Improve and strengthen mobility systems for staff and students
005 Professorial chairs To promote teaching, research and community service in line with the University's needs and goals
006 Lectureships To bridge the existing and future gaps in human resources for teaching.
007 Research To meet the overarching goal of birthing innovations that meet current and future needs.
008 Scholarship schemes Improving access to quality education
009 Academic prizes Promote academic excellence and leadership among students
010 University community engagement for leadership, health, development, and collaborative outreaches Increase students, staff and selected population access to donor-funded interventions in leadership, health and development-related initiatives through collaborative partnerships, mentoring, and sustainable fieldwork