Invest in the University of Calabar

Your gift to the University of Calabar is an investment in the future and present for our students, faculty members, alumni, and the Calabar community’s potential to excel. Supporting Unical, Alumni, Friends, Parents, and Partners can help us secure educational opportunities for future generations of students and meet the complex and interconnected challenges we face in today’s world.

Together, we will create and sustain excellence in scholarship, teaching, and learning, in an environment that is not afraid of taking risks, testing bold ideas, hypothesis and rethinking traditional approaches to problems. We dare to ask new questions and celebrate the synergy and solutions that result when people from seemingly unrelated disciplines join together for a common cause. With additional private support, we will be able to bring a wider spectrum of research opportunities to Unical and consequently offer more solutions to the University community and the world.

Investment Policy

Sustainability of investments

The University is committed to ensuring that its endowment is managed sustainably and with integrity, to benefit both current beneficiaries and future generations. In order to facilitate this, the University has chosen to establish its own investment, with a business model that enables investments over the long-time. The importance of managing assets in a sustainable manner is deeply ingrained in UNICAL-Trust and Endowment Fund’s company culture and investment philosophy.

Ethical Investment Restrictions

The University will choose at various instances to place restrictions on sectors in which it will not hold investments on ethical grounds. Example investment in companies that manufacture arms, direct investments in tobacco companies.